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Imagine having your favorite artist personally advise you on your project. It's hard to find those experts, let alone get any help from them. What if we told you that you could easily reach out to award-winning, chart-topping artists at a fraction of the cost of typical lessons?

Why bite-sized mini-coaching?

We value time and money, both for you and the experts you connect with. We built our messaging platform to eliminate booking hassle to save you time, and we offer bite-sized sessions to focus on specific areas, maximizing your learning without breaking the bank.

One of the most effective ways to become a master in your field is to pair your hard work with the guidance of expert coaching. We highly recommend the book by Anders Ericsson - Peak: How to Master Almost Anything.

Purposeful Practice + Expert Coaching = Perfect formula for mastery

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Priscilla V.'s testimony

I don't have time for lessons, I can practice myself, but sometimes I need guidance. PIVODIO is great because I can get quick advice from top experts.
Priscilla V.
Singer. Songwriter.

Jayse L.'s testimony

PIVODIO helps my projects tremendously by giving me access to specialized experts who will work as my personal producer, guiding me exactly where to improve.
Jayse L.
Recording Artist

Charlie C.'s testimony

Getting quick, actionable coaching while you are working on your project is invaluable, especially when the advice is coming from someone who knows what they are doing.
Charlie C.
PIVODIO Expert. Music licensing & publishing director

Daniel R.'s testimony

I really admire your mission! Providing artists with affordable access to industry experts is a fantastic approach to support their growth. Count me in, PIVODIO!
Daniel R.
PIVODIO expert. Producer. Composer


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